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One of Denmark’s most beautiful wine properties

Modern Danish Wine


MODAVI means Modern Danish Wine and is a passion which has developed at explosive speed during the last few years.

MODAVI is a Danish producer of speciality wines of the highest quality. With a combination of classic production methods and our ongoing development of unique varieties of taste with a modern Danish touch, we create extraordinary experiences. We invite you to visit our beautifully situated wine property “Lindely” near Kolding and the vineyard “Thuesensminde” near Fredericia with more than 16,000 vines, to follow the winemaker’s craft from grape to bottle and to taste our unique wines. Do drop in! Get good advice about planting and running a vineyard and see our large selection of professional equipment and products for your own wine production.

Kind regards from the winemaker

Kim F. Madsen

Experience the process

Visit the property

We are so keen to have visitors at the property because we are rather proud of what we have created. If you are a group – large or small – you can book a visit with an interesting tour and a winetasting, in order to hear the story of “All year round at the property”. Interested?

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The Taste of Denmark

Buy Danish wine

We cover a wide spectrum and are able to supply the entire range. Here you can buy bubbles, white wine, rosé, red wine, dessert wine (Ice Wine) and even a grappa in Danish.

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Green thumbs

Work in the vineyard – VinPart

Come and follow “All year round at the property” in the company of the winemaker and his assistants who help to maintain, prune, and harvest. Every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon all year round, VinPart meets to carry out the day’s jobs at the property. Care to try for yourself?

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Support your own production

Buy equipment

At the property, we sell equipment for your very own wine production. Success in wine production is based on the vines, and on the process and equipment used. We sell the yeast and all that you could wish for in order to produce your own perfect wine.

We also sell wine racks in various sizes and colours.
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Medals and prizes

Recognized Wines

Our wines are well-known winners of prizes at the Dansk Vinskue and other shows. Here you can see our medals and prizes, which of course make us very proud.

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Watch a few crazy bits from my daily life

Watch our videos

“You need to be a little crazy to be growing wine in Denmark” (Quoted from myself)

Here you may get a close look at daily life at the property. Ready?

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