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At Modavi, we also sell wine racks (pulpits). Grab the opportunity to show your wines in style with our great wine racks. The Modavi wine rack is available in various colours and sizes. The wine racks are suitable for being filled up with our delicious Danish wines or be used in your own production of bubbles. You may see our selection of wines here.

The wine racks are made in pinewood as the standard, but may be ordered in other kinds of wood, and other colours, by arrangement.
If you are interested in our wine racks, then don’t hesitate to contact us!

BottlesColorPrice i DKK
12 bottlesNatureDKK 399,-
12 bottlesBlackDKK 599,-
24 bottlesNatureDKK 599,-
24 bottlesBlackDKK 799,-
48 bottlesNatureDKK 799,-
48 bottlesBlackDKK 999,-
80 bottlesNatureDKK 999,-
80 bottlesBlackDKK 1199,-
120 bottlesNatureDKK 1199,-
120 bottlesBlackDKK 1399,-

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From us, you can order the best products for making your wines. We have achieved fine results, so you need not worry when buying from us!

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You may as well do it in the right way from the start! A lifelong investment which will last! See our equipment from Profil Alsace below.

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